Free Genesis Child Themes

The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is quickly becoming one of the most popular Theme Frameworks for WordPress. StudioPress currently offers 30+ turn-key designs that may be purchased individually or you can get the Pro Plus All-Themes package which gets you all updates and future themes. If that’s not enough, you can take advantage of these free Genesis Child Themes that developers release from time to time just to give back to the growing community.

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Free Child Themes for Genesis

Here’s an updated list of the free child themes for the Genesis Framework. Themes are listed in alphetical order by author.

Please keep in mind that although these are free child themes, they will require the Genesis Framework to run properly.

Adaptation - Genesis Child Theme
Latitude Theme
Latitude - Genesis Child Theme
Tee Box Theme
Tee Box - Genesis Child Theme
Buster Theme
Buster - Genesis Child Theme
Charisma Theme
Charisma - Genesis Child Theme
Autobahn Theme
Autobahn - Genesis Child Theme
Fringe Theme
Fringe - Genesis Child Theme
Twenty Diez Theme
Twenty Diez - Genesis Child Theme
Twenty Diez Theme
Bookmarks - Genesis Child Theme
Sinatra Theme
Sinatra- Genesis Child Theme
Transchild Theme
Transchild - Genesis Child Theme
Go Green Theme
Go Green - Genesis Child Theme
Birow Theme
Birow - Genesis Child Theme
Inzornade Theme
Inzornade - Genesis Child Theme
Zirconium Theme
Zirconium - Genesis Child Theme
FlipBlog Theme
FlipBlog - Genesis Child Theme
Mini Press 1.0 Theme
Mini Press 1.0 - Genesis Child Theme
Fairway Theme
Fairway - Genesis Child Theme
Georgia Theme
Georgia - Genesis Child Theme
Nomadic Theme
Nomadic - Genesis Child Theme
Sample Theme
Sample - Genesis Child Theme
Simply Sweet Theme
Simply Sweet - Genesis Child Theme
Persevero Theme
Persevero - Genesis Child Theme

13 thoughts on “Free Genesis Child Themes”

  1. Thank you for compiling a list of the FREE Child Themes for Genesis! If you could, it would be super helpful if you would add this under Blog, WordPress in your nav & keep it up to date. It’s the only place on the web I could find a collection of all the FREE themes for Genesis!

    Thanks again,

  2. Great post Josh,
    Just a question though, you said they still need to have the Genesis framework to run properly. So do I still have to purchase that from StudioPress?

  3. Thanks for creating this list of free Genesis child themes. As Kari said this would make a great list once more and more themes become available for free.

    Are you aware of any free Genesis child themes that support Post Formats??

    1. Andrew, I’m glad you find this list useful!

      To answer your question, I think Buster may but other than that I’m not aware of any free themes that support post formats. Perhaps I should release such a theme if time allows.

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