Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes – Review

This book was on my Amazon wish list for a few months before I bought it from Barnes & Noble last Saturday. I literally just got done reading it and honestly, I would have finished it sooner but life got in the way. It’s a fairly short read, less than 200 pages with some full page images, but don’t be fooled, the book’s packed with essential information for aspiring WordPress theme designers.

There were a lot of things I already knew but I was still able to pick up quite a few tips. I have several pages of notes to prove it. My notes were spurred from thoughts like, “Man, I didn’t know WordPress did that” to “I better write this down so I don’t forget it.” I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in building WordPress themes either for business or pleasure.

As I mentioned, I bought the book from Barnes & Noble for roughly $43 only because I wanted it at that moment. However, Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes can be purchased from Amazon for about $22 depending on the condition.

Who’s behind the book?

  • Allan Cole – a Thematic framework guru who specializes in front-end user experience and WordPress customization. (
  • Raena Jackson Armitage – a former SitePoint technical editor who speaks at some of the more popular geek conferences. (
  • Brandon Jones – a designer who’s developed some of the Web’s best-selling WordPress themes. (
  • Jeffrey Way – manages CodeCanyon and Nettuts and also ran ThemeForest for 2 years. (

What’s in the book?

  • Introducing WordPress
  • Planning Your Theme
  • Theme Design 101
  • Theme Frameworks
  • Advanced Theme Construction
  • Widgets
  • Theme Options
  • Selling Your Theme

My to do list

  • Read “Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes.” – Check
  • Build some wicked WordPress themes. – In progress

Have you read the book? Is there anything you want to mention?

One thought on “Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes – Review”

  1. That book is horrible for beginners. If you know anything better, could you let me know? Something that actually teaches theme development and not CHILD theme development? And something targetted for beginners, like it claims to be :\

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