Sinatra – Free Genesis Child Theme

I am pleased to announce the release of Sinatra, a free Genesis child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework.

WordPress: Redirect Users After Log In

First, the code… Then, some explanation… For more information on this filter, read up on the login redirect filter. In short, this function sends administrators to the WordPress Dashboard after log in and everyone else to the homepage of the site. To send everyone else to a specific page on your site, replace the id […]

Disable Directory Browsing with HostGator

How would you feel if someone could view the contents of all your directories which do not contain an index.html, index.php, or other index file? Personally, I feel like my privacy has been invaded. Time to shed some light. How’s your setup? Let’s test. From your browser’s address bar, navigate to a directory that you […]

Empty Named Anchor Fix

While developing a WordPress theme recently, I tested it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE and everything worked as expected. Recently I noticed the named anchors were not working in Chrome. I narrowed the problem down to Chrome positioning the anchors on the screen at coordinates 0,0 probably because the elements were empty. Thanks to this […]

Genesis Framework Snippets

This will become my personal snippet library for the Genesis Framework. Since it is a work in progress, here are some other resources for Genesis code snippets: