A Desire to Blog Again

I started this blog back in 2007. We had just started using WordPress at my employer and this site was my opportunity to get to know the platform better. It’s hard to believe that nearly 9 years have passed since that time. Back then, I didn’t really have a clear direction for this blog and honestly, I […]

Fast Domain Search

I thought it would be fun to create a quick way to search for domain names. It is not an exhaustive list of TLD’s but it’s a start. Check it: joshstauffer.com/domainsearch

Made Alive

If ever I forget my true identity, show me who I am and help me to believe.

Focus and Do One Thing

Adii Pienaar: The thing is that focus trumps most things in any given situation. We may think we’re good at multi-tasking, but it will never be as efficient / productive / successful as it could be when you focus on doing just one thing. Do One Thing It is so easy to get caught up […]

Redesign Twelve Twelve

“If you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long.” Matt Mullenweg once wrote that. I want to live by it. So, here’s my redesign. There’s not much to it. I nixed the comments. I destroyed the sidebar. I removed the clutter. I feel refreshed. I love it.