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Genesis Framework: List of Theme and Location Constants

Here is a partial list of Theme Name/Version Constants, Directory Location Constants, and URL Location Constants that are defined by the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. This list should be useful for child theme developers and can be used by simply echoing the constant, e.g. <?php echo CHILD_URL; ?> would output For a complete list […]

Simple Way to Track 404 Error Pages with Google Analytics

Sometimes visitors to your site may receive a 404 Error or “Page Not Found”. This may happen when they click on a link that no longer exists or perhaps they typed the address incorrectly. If it’s a business website, a 404 Page Not Found could mean lost money but no matter the type of site, […]

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Setting up and installing Analytics is one of the first things I do after launching a WordPress site. There are basically three ways to installing the script: copy and paste it in the theme’s header.php file, install a plugin […]

Search in File Contents in Windows

Problem By default, Windows will not search the contents of certain file types. This makes it very frustrating for anyone trying to locate the occurrence of words or phrases within a group of files. A Few Details First off, I am running Windows 7 and since I am a PHP developer, the solutions I provide […]

How to Export Google Reader Subscriptions

If you find it difficult to keep up with your favorite sites then Google Reader is for you. You can read all of them in one place and Google makes it as simple as checking your email. Using Google Reader will help you stay up to date by constantly checking your favorite blogs or news […]