8 Slam Dunks Gone Bad

Watch this collection of slam dunks that ended terribly wrong. Some will make you laugh and some will make you hurt.

Dunk #1

This kid launches off the trampoline and makes the dunk but gets his leg caught in the rim.

Dunk #2

This guy tried to jump over a girl and dunk the ball but instead he plows her over and misses the dunk.

Dunk #3

This dude dunks the ball, then shows off a bit, and finally gets stuck in the rim.

Dunk #4

Guy jumps off of trampoline for the dunk but collides with the backboard instead.

Dunk #5

This guy downs a beer, circles a bat, then attempts the dunk but instead he pounds himself into the driveway. Embedding is disabled for some reason but you can watch it here.

Dunk #6

Guy tries a double front flip dunk and collides with the rim.

Dunk #7

This guy gets his hand caught in the net and falls to the ground.

Dunk #8

Another trampoline dunker doing some front flips and gets leg caught in rim.

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