A fix for the ‘Preview Could Not Be Loaded’ error in Elementor

I finally got around to installing Elementor Pro on my localhost and much to my surprise I was presented with an error right off the bat. The very first page I tried to edit in Elementor attempted to load and eventually gave the message “The preview could not be loaded.” Bummer!

Fortunately, the error message came with a recommendation to learn more about the error and how to fix it. The article suggested several different things to try to get rid of the error.

  1. Deactivate plugins.
  2. Switch theme.
  3. Check the structure of your permalinks.
  4. Edit in incognito mode with your browser.
  5. Check conflicts with membership plugins.
  6. Solve possible theme conflict.
  7. Solve Rocket Loader issue.
  8. Verify that you do not have a redirect on the page.
  9. Solve hosting issues.

I tried all 9. None of them worked for me.

This led me to poke around in the Elementor settings in the WordPress admin. Under Elementor > System Info, one line was highlighted for me.

We recommend setting memory to at least 64M. For more information, read about how to Increase memory allocated to PHP.

So, I bumped the memory_limit up to 64M in my php.ini, restarted Apache, and Elementor loaded up just fine. Problem solved.

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