Designing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is very fascinating. I am new to blogging but have a moderate understanding of HTML & CSS. If you are interested in designing a WordPress theme that you can call your own, you first have to read the tutorial titled “Dissection of a WordPress theme.” In a matter of a couple hours I was able to follow this tutorial and after doing so I feel like I have a foundational understanding of the different parts that make up a theme.

The tutorial takes the default theme ‘Kubrick’ which is packaged with WordPress and dissects it piece by piece. It summarizes different parts in the code but does not bog down the reader with a large amount of overwhelming detail. There are four parts to the tutorial which are as follows:

  1. Part one – Pulling it apart
  2. Part two – Complete design, header, and footer
  3. Part three – The sidebar
  4. Part four – The content

Now I must put what I have learned to the test and attempt to create my own theme. Thank you John Godley for your excellent work!

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